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I specialise in translating texts from English into German.
Be it a PowerPoint presentation for an important business meeting, your dissertation at uni, your website or an academic text - I can help you with the right translation.

For source texts with up to 2000 words:
  • standard texts: £0.07 per word
  • complex, specialised texts: £0.08 per word
For source texts with more than 2000 words:
  • standard texts: £0.06 per word
  • complex, specialised texts: £0.07 per word
For most of my work I use the OmegaT CAT Tool.
In an eight-hour day I can translate up to 2000 words (standard text).
24h service or weekend work may be available upon request. Additional charges apply.
Areas of specialisation: art, books and architecture; engineering; business; retail; the environment
Additional interests: agriculture; fashion
I would love to hear from you. Please contact me for an estimate, fixed quote or project price:
phone:  +44 (0)7741490319



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